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Expansions are created by community members and are provided "as-is", with no warranty or guarantee whatsoever, and are not endorsed or vetted by the Oolite development team. Please take the time to read the information about an expansion before installing it.

There are well over a thousand expansion packs released for Oolite. There are two expansion pack formats in use since Oolite 1.80, usually referred to as OXZ and OXP. The OXZ format is more modern and can be downloaded and installed automatically by the game by selecting the "Manage Expansion Packs" option on the start screen. The OXP format is older, easier to tweak and must be installed manually.

  • Almost all released expansion packs, regardless of format, are also listed on the Wiki's various OXP List.
  • The Wiki is also home to the developer documentation.
  • If you have difficulty with an expansion pack, it is usually best to report this in its thread in the Expansion Pack forum.

The table below lists the OXZ expansion packs which can be automatically downloaded by Oolite 1.80 (or higher), as well as links for manual downloads if you prefer to do that. If you are still using Oolite 1.77.1 or an earlier version, these OXZ format expansion packs will not be usable.

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