Bug Fixes & Test Features in Oolite 1.91 Nightly Build

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Welcome to Oolite 1.91 Nightly Build. Bug fixes and new features, under test and development with frequent updates, will be listed here. If you would like to try out the bleeding edge stuff, and give us feedback on the new features, then you can download the installer from GitHub Oolite nightly repo. Alternative download links can be found on the Oolite forum.

Oolite bug fixes and new features will be listed below grouped in:

Lave is Earth expansion pack. (screenshot by another_commander)

General Enhancements

Extra illuminated Boa over Bemaera. (screenshot by another_commander)

Expansion Pack Development - Scripting

Coriolis close-up with background moon. (screenshot by another_commander)

Bug Fixes

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