What's New in Oolite 1.90

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Oolite 1.90 is the latest stable release, pushing further into delivering a beautiful cosmos, while extending customizations scripting capabilities and promoting expansions realism, for the sole purpose to immerse you into an enjoyable gaming experience. Check out some feature highlights:

Night Lights (screenshot by another_commander)

Extended graphics capabilities for custom planets

Custom planets now support normal and gloss maps, transforming dull planet mountains and canyons textures into a visual spectacle. Furthermore, taking advantage of the illumination map capability, the planet dark sides come to life!

Mars custom planet with normal map

Improved and configurable planet atmosphere

Atmosphere new configurable parameters, give the Expansion Packs developers the liberty to generate an atmosphere, matching what they have imagined for the worlds they are creating.

Specular Earth (screenshot by another_commander, edited by Getafix)
Atmosphere color demo (screenshots by another_commander, mixed by Getafix)

Filmic tone mapping and new universe lighting system

Further graphics improvements include filmic tone mapping, Oren-Nayar diffuse light model and increased light source radiance for better visibility of objects in space and more.

Scene without filmic tone mapping
Scene with filmic tone mapping

Scripting, game experience improvements and bug fixes

Scripters' arsenal has been enhanced with even more control on graphics, weapons, commerce and gameplay. Weapons now have individual sounds assigned to them. Turrets count information, where available, is added in Ship Library screen. The famous Lave planet appearance has been updated to further match its description. The navigation buoy has been renovated. More in-game functionality, like docking computer option and docking clearance, can now be assigned to joystick controller. As always, stability has also been further improved, with plenty of previous version bugs fixed.

Read the Oolite Bulletins announcement and get the complete log of Oolite 1.90 changes from the GitHub repository.

New navigation buoy
Famous Lave new appearance
Ship Library turrets count

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