Download Oolite

Current version

The latest release of Oolite is version 1.90, released 30 August 2020. This is the version recommended for playing the game.

Mac OS X

Mac OS 10.6 or later


Vista Service Pack 2 or later


x86 and x86_64 supported

Oolite has also been built on the following platforms. As these are not part of our regular release processes, they may sometimes be older versions, and we may not be able to help with issues specific to these ports.

If you are interested in porting Oolite to another system, let us know on the porting forum.

OXP Developer releases

The main downloads are optimised for maximum in-game performance and are recommended for players. People wishing to develop expansion packs for the game are recommended to install the OXP Developer releases. The following extra features are enabled in these releases at the expense of performance.

  • Debug OXP and Debug Console are supported.

    On all platforms, installing Debug.oxp enables support for external console applications using the Oolite debug console TCP protocol. is an example of a cross-platform, python based, external console application. It contains a precompiled console for windows based computers, and the original python based console for Linux and Posix compliant computers.

  • OXP Verifier functionality is included.
  • OXP Deprecation warnings are enabled.
  • Localization tools support is included.
  • AI Graphviz support is included.
  • Debug information is added. (e.g. AI stack, collision, dump target state, entities, memory usage, script tracing etc.)
  • JS monitor support is enabled.
  • The JS method takeSnapshot() is enabled.
  • Time Acceleration Factor (TAF) is enabled.
  • Shift-F displays FPS, entities, coordinates and TAF info.
  • Sanity checks are included.

Nightly builds

The next version of Oolite is being developed, with frequent changes. Nightly builds of the latest source are available for testers.

Warning: these builds may at any time contain serious bugs, prototype features, and other unstable code. We do not recommend these for regular play, and you should take backups of your saved games before using them.

If you would like to try out the latest code, and give us feedback on the new features, then you can find the Oolite nightly build installer on GitHub Nightly Releases repo. Alternative links can be found on the Oolite forum.

Building from source

You can obtain the Oolite source from GitHub Source Code repo. Instructions on building from source depend on your operating system and can be found on the wiki

Archived releases

Current latest and older releases are also archived at Oolite Releases Google Drive.

Warning: Older releases may expose you to security vulnerabilities and bugs that have been addressed in the current latest Oolite version. These releases are not supported and are only there to exhibit how the game has evolved.